Wasting Time on a Practice Novel | The Editor’s Blog

Ever thought about writing as practice? Maybe going so far as to write a practice novel? Check out the following quote and article, which has given me much encouragement in my own writing, fiction or otherwise:It’s not a waste of time to finish a first novel, to practice your writing skills with that first novel … Read more

Trello: Tips for Organizing Your Life

Trello. One simple, easy to remember word; one HUGE impact on life as you know it. In this post I’ll share with you the huge impact that Trello has had on my life and some great tips on how you can implement Trello to organize just about anything in your business and personal life—including a special BONUS … Read more

Mind Mapping: From Page to Product

When it comes to brainstorming, mind mapping (also known as clustering) is one of the best, most effective tools you can use. And the best news: mind maps are fun and easy to create. All you need are a few simple tools: A single idea to start with A piece of paper (landscape orientation)A few … Read more

7 HUGE Benefits of My New Early Morning Routine

Have you ever wondered about the benefits of going to bed early, getting a good night’s sleep, and having an early morning the next day? Join me as I explore the benefits I’ve experienced as a result of my new early morning routine. Read more

The PIG Tool: How to Create and Organize Your Very Own Products

Update: I was notified by a representative who owned the name PIGLT and was asked to modify my post/document.  Sorry for the confusion.

Recently, while finishing up the hunting season of 2014, I was in the woods contemplating where my business would be heading in 2015.

Click image above to get your FREE copy!
Click image above to get your FREE copy!

An Overflow of Ideas

It was pitch black, and the sound of the overflowing creek below me was making it hard to stay awake.  Fortunately, my mind was busy conjuring up ideas for where to take my business in the coming year.

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Content That Should Have Been Posted Here First

Some of the best articles I’ve created should have in fact been posted here first.  But since I only recently created this website, the only other outlet I had was my Texas Blues Guitar site.

On that site I’ve posted some great articles relating to guitar, but there were other articles as well that weren’t very guitar related only I didn’t have anywhere else to post them other than the Texas Blues Guitar site.  Well now, that’s changed with the introduction of EricBeaty.com.

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