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Infuse Your Solos with more Creativity.

Become more Expressive.

Learn to Play with Emotion.

Make Your Solos more Melodic.

Have you always wanted to write your own creative guitar solos? Some of the greatest guitar solos are played with the most expressive, emotional, and melodic nuances. Download my Free Resource Guide, taken directly from my new course The Creative Guitarist, and get some of the best links to various websites, apps, tools, and tabs the course has to offer.

It's yours, absolutely FREE, when you sign up below.

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Discover New Creative Ideas on my Substack

Enjoy various tips & tools for pursuing your creative passions and goals—guitar or otherwise.

Download my Free Resource Guide and start writing your own creative guitar solos today!

Haven't you always wanted to play guitar solos in a more Melodic, Expressive, and Creative way?

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