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Ever thought about writing as practice? Maybe going so far as to write a practice novel? Check out the following quote and article, which has given me much encouragement in my own writing, fiction or otherwise:

It’s not a waste of time to finish a first novel, to practice your writing skills with that first novel manuscript, even if it will never be published. But know that the first novel will not be a masterpiece.

Source: Writing the First Novel | The Editor’s Blog


This wonderful article I recently found yields some revelatory insights about wasting words in the form of writing a practice novel. I absolutely love this concept and had to share it with you.

The practice novel concept—or practice writing—is also shared by Dean Wesley Smith, one of the most no-nonsense, prolific writers of our day. His book, Writing Into the Dark, is also an enormous writing confidence booster.

The Editor's Blog is a massive treasure trove of tips on writing, editing, and more, much like Jeff Gerke's book, The Art and Craft of Writing Christian Fiction, a book assembled from the many "Fiction Tips" on his website. (For more on Gerke's books, Fiction Tips, and more, click here.)

I highly encourage you to check out the above-mentioned resources if you want some of the best insights for mastering your own writing craft and style. 

For now, enjoy the article listed above. After all, you can't go wrong with a bonafide expert editor—who has written several books of her own on writing craft, mind you—giving you the scoop on the best practices in the writing world today.

And don't be afraid to write a practice novel once in a while. I've done so myself once or twice. It may be the very solution you need to writing (and publishing) a real one.


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