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Patreon. You've likely heard the name before. Well, after much deliberation, I decided it was high time I created my own Patreon page—which is exactly what I've done. (You might have noticed the addition of the new "Become a Patron" button on the sidebar of this blog.)

Read on to find out more about the awesome perks and rewards tiers I have available to offer.

Patreon Page Preview with Intro Vid


Previous Patreon Info

First off, I want to refer you to a couple of announcements I've already posted via my music-related mailing lists rather than just repeating it all here. So, here are the two places you'll need to visit to get caught up about my page:

There. That should get you all caught up. Moving on...

Achieving Creative Goals with Patreon

I can't express how excited I am at having this amazing creative outlet at my disposal. Now, because of Patreon, I basically have unlimited opportunities to achieve many of the goals I never even knew how to begin achieving before.

For example, if you've read the two announcements I previously mentioned above, then you've noticed a few of the rewards/perks I'm planning to launch—or have already launched. One such perk: live recordings of myself singing in various church services over the past several years.

Now obviously, I don't consider these professional recordings like other songs I've recorded and produced. So I wouldn't want to charge for them like I normally would, or market them like some kind of professional album compilation.

This is where Patreon truly shines.

Patreon Post Types/Categories

Patreon answers this dilemma by simply allowing me to post just about anything I choose on my Patreon page, including:

  • Audio Files for special Patron-only tracks
  • Links to Patron-only content
  • Videos exclusive to Patrons
  • check
    Images viewable only by Patrons
  • check
    Polls I can use for gauging my Patrons' feedback on rewards & ideas
  • check
    Even physical items to ship directly to my Patrons


Patreon Post Categories

Various Post Types

Patreon Live Streams

Another great feature, as seen in the above image, is the ability to live stream privately to my Patrons.

Over the past several months, I've been experimenting with streaming live to my Twitch account, but it hasn't proved very fruitful. If anything, it's been a daunting experience to say the least. I'm hoping that all changes with Patreon's live stream system.

I'll still attempt to use the Open Broadcasting Software (OBS) app for more lesson- and guitar-oriented content, but if it's more of a casual live stream, I'll be able to settle for streaming directly to YouTube via Patreon instead. This (in theory, at least) will save loads of time getting the setup ready to go.

Additional Patreon Ideas

I recently confirmed with Patreon's customer support that I'm able to have multiple accounts. This is great news because, since I write books and stories as well as create music, I hope to eventually establish a different page for the writing side of my life.

However, this probably won't happen until later down the road since I need to focus more time on the actual writing process instead of creating another page to host my work.

With all the short stories I'm currently editing for personal publication, a novel I'm working frantically to finish edits on and publish, an update to my online Scrivener course, and a couple of writing courses I'll be teaching during the fall semester (where I also teach private music lessons), I've got my plate full already where writing is concerned.

I Appreciate Your Support on Patreon

So for now, I'm quite happy working on populating my current page with loads of great music-related content. (Again, see the above two announcements for more info if you haven't already.)

I hope you'll consider dropping by my page and checking out all the rewards tiers I have to offer. I'm sure you can find something to your liking at any level.

But if you're in a tight spot, don't worry. I'll still have free content from time to time. If nothing else, the best way you can help is simply spreading the word about my page by sharing the link below with your friends, family, and other people in your life.

Thanks so much, and I look forward to seeing you on Patreon.


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