Keeping A Journal Is Proof You Can Write A Book

What a great feeling it is to have completed a journal. If you think about it, you’ve just written an entire book of your own!Read more

Biblical Career Advice: For Love, Like, or Liberty?

In this article, we take a look at the topic of career advice from a Biblical perspective concerning Christ’s liberty and the Law’s bondage.

The Journal: Slaying Your Writing Monsters

Recently, I stumbled upon an article by K.M. Weiland regarding how to use a journal to conquer writing fears. Today, I want to share my findings with my audience of fellow writers. See how award-winning, bestselling author K.M. Weiland uses her journal to “slay writing monsters.” Bestselling author K.M. Weiland Read more

Writing Can Be Great Therapy

Tools of the Trade

Writing can be great therapy, you know. All you really need is paper and pen. I prefer using a specific notebook that’s dedicated to writing your thoughts and ideas—yes, a journal, but a special one; not just any old notebook.

The pen should be special as well; something that will allow you to write fast and not stick to the page or drag along. You need to be able to write as fast as you can; as fas as you can think, preferably.  I recommend Uniball Signo 207 pens as well as Pilot Precise V5 pens.  If you’re looking for something a bit more stylish, you could try Space Pens.

“Why not just use my computer (tablet, etc.) to write,” you may ask. Well, you can, but there’s just something about using a pen to physically pull you in and get you involved in the whole process.

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