Pantsers Everywhere Rejoice

Have you ever wondered whether to plot a novel or just write by the seat of your pants? Join me as I discuss this age-old writing dilemma.

The Art & Craft of Writing Christian Fiction

I’ve just finished a book on writing that has immediately went to my “Top Writing Books of All Time” list: The Art & Craft of Writing Christian Fiction by Jeff Gerke. Keep reading for my official review and see where you can pick up this must-have title for all writers—Christian or otherwise. Jeff Gerke, AuthorRead more

NaNoWriMo Winner for 2015!

The culmination of my writing goals for this year has now come full circle: After a six year hiatus,  I’m a NaNoWriMo Winner for 2015! Share0 Tweet0 Share +10 Share0 Pin0 Click here to see my NaNoWriMo participant post. In my most ambitious and painstaking writing project this year, I can now claim the coveted title of NaNoWriMo Winner … Read more

Interview with a Future Bestselling Author

I’ve just released a new story, now available on Wattpad! It’s called Interview with a Future Bestselling Author: Hopes of a Future in Fiction. Click here to read the story on Wattpad. In this “interview” I set out to motivate myself to carry on with my writing despite the overwhelming fear that my writing isn’t—or will … Read more

New Short Stories Are Finally Here!

I’m so excited to share with you the release of my brand new short stories, “Proof” and “Blind Date.”  Feel free to read them at your leisure absolutely FREE!  Details below. Writing & Publishing Fiction: A Dream Come TrueBoth of these short stories have been on the back burner until this year, when I officially … Read more

Rory’s Story Cubes: An Experiment In Storytelling

Have you ever had trouble coming up with story ideas?  I know I have, and if you’re anything like me, it would probably help you a great deal if you had a tool for coming up with story ideas on the fly.  Enter Rory’s Story Cubes… Rory’s Story Cubes come in various adaptations Read more

How to Write Better: 96 Fiction & Novel Writing Tips

Recently, I’ve been devouring a whole book’s worth of amazing tips on the art and craft of writing.  (These tips are mainly for fiction writers, but non-fiction writers can benefit from them as well.)  As a result, I’m learning more quality information about how to write better than I ever thought I could in one place.  Best of all, these tips—96 in total—are actually FREE.  I can hardly believe it because they’re worth their weight in gold.  And if you’ll apply these tips on how to write better in your own writing, I’m confident you’ll succeed.

How to Write Better- 96 Fiction & Novel Writing Tips

A Book on Writing Fiction…Compiled from Free Tips

Since “officially” beginning my writing journey back in October 2014, I’ve been soaking up every writing resource I’ve come across like a sponge.  As such, I’ve compiled many resources on writing and how to write better, and I’ve got tons more to contribute to my Writing Resources page, but possibly none so valuable as what I’m about to share with you now.

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Is FEAR and AVOIDANCE Keeping You from Taking ACTION?

When it comes to taking ACTION, FEAR and AVOIDANCE can be your worst enemies.  Join me as I discuss how to conquer your fears by taking ACTION!


Taking ACTION: Scratching the Writing Itch

I haven’t written in a few days and absolutely need to scratch the writing itch for the time being.

I’m sitting here in a local coffee shop watching the cars whiz by as the wake of a recent ice and snow storm lights up the surrounding area with its brightness. (To see pictures, click here.)

I’ve been considering creating yet another side project in addition to my novel in progress and a new ebook I’m working on about goals and goal setting.  It’s based on a website I keep seeing mentioned in blog posts, on podcasts, and appearing randomly as I surf the web.

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