How to Navigate Your Thumb-Indexed Thompson Chain-Reference Bible

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Right on the heels of my video on my King James Study Bible, Second Edition Comparison, I’m very excited to be doing a video on how to navigate thumb-indexed Bibles (Thompson Chain Reference Bible or otherwise)!

In this video, I’ll be showing you some great tips I’ve learned over the last 15+ years of owning a Thompson Chain Reference Bible (Original Edition)* for knowing exactly where to find the best features in this bible using a standard thumb-indexed system of navigation.

I’ll also be sharing some other tips and tricks on simple methods of note-taking and study you can easily apply to your own Bible studies.

Thumb Index Tips (Thinking Backwards)

  • For thumb indexes (T.I.) with more than one book (1-2 COR. GAL.): to find the last book, go to the next T.I. (EPH. PHIL. COL.) and flip BACKWARDS instead of forwards.
  • Go to “INDEX” or “A-Z INDEX” T.I. and flip back one page to find “Principles of Bible Study,” “Best Methods of Study,” and “Comprehensive Bible Helps” index.
  • Go to “HELPS” or “CHAIN INDEX” T.I. and flip back one page to find a blank page for taking notes.
  • Go to “ARCH” T.I. and flip back a few pages for useful study tools and “Places for Religious Worship” section.
  • Go to “CONC.” T.I. and flip back one page to easily find #4452—The Glossary of Old English and Archaic Words.
  • Go to “CONC.” T.I. and flip back to before the Glossary to find the Hebrew Calendar.

Bonus Tip:

  • To create your very own Thumb indexes, utilize post-it notes: Place the post-it note to the RIGHT side of the page sticking out just over the tab for the NEXT set of books. This overlapping creates a new thumb index!

“Thumb Index Tips” and “Bonus Tip” © 2014 Eric Beaty

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*Update, 2-20-23: In 2020, Zondervan Publishing House bought all rights to the Thompson Chain-Reference Bible, previously owned by Kirkbride Bible Company. They’ve since released an Original Edition (the one I recommend) and a Comfort Print Edition (which I highly do not recommend). It’s worth noting that most if not all of the tips mentioned in this post will not work with the new Comfort Print Edition. To see a recent video series I’ve begun on this very subject, visit my YouTube channel “Stewards of the Word.”

Question: Do you have some tips on navigating Thumb-Indexed Bibles you would like to share? If you own a Thompson Chain Bible, what are some of your favorite features?  Leave a comment below and tell us all about it. 

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