My New Line 6 Helix LT (Unboxing Video)!

Join me as I unbox my new Line 6 Helix LT multi-effects floorboard pedal. In my latest unboxing video, I show you the ins and outs of the Helix LT, my first impressions, thoughts, plans, and more!


It's been a while since my last post, but I've been very busy putting together a brand new guitar course (coming soon); distributing my debut album, Revival in the Air, in CD form; and more. But now I have a huge announcement to make: I just bought a Line 6 Helix LT!

No Compatibility Woes with Helix LT

I've had an Eleven Rack since 2018 (for my review on it, see this post), but since then, the 11R is becoming more and more antiquated with the continual release of new updates from Mac OS. So I decided I needed a more compatible unit, hence the search for a new all-around workhorse unit like the Helix LT.

Now, with the Helix LT, I can record, re-amp, and add a nearly limitless amount of tones, effects, amps, cabinets, and more to my future albums, singles, and other such recording projects.

Frequent, Dependable Updates with Helix LT

Also, I won't have to worry so much about updates with the Helix LT. This was the main downfall with the Eleven Rack. Avid, the company who produced the 11R, has been sitting on releasing any new updates since Mac OS Catalina was released nearly two years ago. That's simply too long to wait between updates.

But the Line 6 team, are notorious for releasing frequent updates, and are already Big Sur compatible. That's a huge plus and worry off my shoulders, which is one of the many reasons I went with the Helix LT rather than similar competitors' products.

My Own Helix LT Preset Patches

One of the ways I'm looking to capitalize on my investment of the Helix LT is to create and make available my own signature preset packs.

I'm excited to recreate some of the presets from my Eleven Rack into the Helix LT. With all the tones featured, I'm sure I can get very close—if not better—representations of my current 11R patches. I've not decided exactly where I'll host them once they're created—I'm thinking of utilizing my new Buy Me A Coffee page, but we'll see.

Bonus Helix LT Content

Since finally getting my Helix LT, I've been posting some behind-the-scenes pics on my Instagram. These are pics of things like alternate thumbnail images I considered for my YouTube unboxing video above, photos of my current Helix LT workstation, and others.

I can't wait to share tones, ideas, thoughts, and plans with my audiences all across social media. Live streams, behind-the-scenes, recording sessions—the possibilities are endless! Be sure to check out the video for more great insights on the Line 6 Helix LT and my plans for it.

Until next time,


P.S. I can't wait to see how creative I can get with Bluegrass music on the Helix LT!

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