5 Secrets to Writing a Bestselling Novel (How to Write a Novel)

Have you ever wondered how to write a novel? In the process of writing my own novel, I've come across a great series of videos that answers that very question along with many more!

I've recently come across one of the most helpful video series on YouTube regarding how to write a novel. Seeing as how I've been busy working on my own novel (one of the many reasons I've been absent from the blog lately) and I enjoy sharing about the process, I've decided it would be a great addition to the blog.


About the Author

If you've ever wondered what it's like writing a novel, the steps involved, or even how to write a novel in general, I highly recommend watching this series by Diane O'Connell, a Book Development Expert and author in her own right with lots of great information in the publishing industry.

After 12 years working as a staff editor at various publishing houses and magazines, Diane ventured out on her own, writing over 200 magazine articles to national publications, and authoring five books. So she knows a few things about how to write a novel, in other words.

5 Secrets to Writing a Bestselling Novel

In a nutshell, according to Diane, the 5 Secrets on How to Write a Bestselling Novel are as follows:

  1. Develop Your Novel's Vision
  2. Creating Memorable Characters
  3. Your Story Structure
  4. Constructing Your Scenes
  5. How to Write a First Draft Quickly

I won't go into great detail here; it's best if you watch the video series by Diane. Trust me, if you've always wondered the best ways to learn how to write a novel you'll be happy you took a few minutes to watch these videos. At only around 3 to 4 minutes each, they're a quick watch, even if you're on the go.

(And here's a little tip: If you click the little YouTube logo in the lower right hand corner of the video player above, you can watch the video directly in YouTube, which will give you another little icon that looks like a circular gear. This will enable you to speed up the video up to 2x the normal speed. The result: you've got no excuses not to watch them now!)

How to Write A Novel: Even More Tips Coming

I've stumbled across so many great sites that I now consider a staple in my novel writing journey, and I want to share each of them with you. I've also bought several amazing books on how to write a novel that I plan on reviewing soon, since I've basically devoured them in a matter of weeks.

I look forward to sharing with you my own writing journey along the way right here on the blog. There will be other posts, of course, but for now writing is fast becoming my favorite pastime.



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Proof by Eric Beaty Short Story Cover
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Question: Have you ever wondered how to write a novel? What are the resources you've found helpful in your writing journey?

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