Young-ha Kim: Be An Artist, Right Now! | TED Talks Video

What’s holding you back from releasing your inner artist?  Do you remember when you were just a kid?  What was it you always did to pass the time?  In this inspiring and motivating TED Talks video, Young-ha Kim talks about what it means to allow yourself to “play” once again.

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Young-ha Kim: Be an artist, right now! | TED Talks Video |

Note: This video includes subtitles for English, but included in the link above is the complete transcript, which I recommend reading as a sort of ebook in itself.

Sometimes we all get caught up in the minutiae of getting things perfect, and it’s hard allow ourselves to “color outside the lines.”  But isn’t that what it means to truly be alive: to be free to make our own mistakes, pave our own paths? has turned into just another blog for me.  I’ve read all the insights about what it means to have “top-performing” blog posts or the best formatting for blog posts, and even though it makes for readable content, it also causes me to worry too much about the little details instead of just having fun and creating without worrying about the inner—much less the outer—critics.

I’ve found myself not wanting to post unless my topics are “perfect” (impossible) or “just right” (for whom?); it’s caused me to see this blog as just another burden instead of what I created it to be: an outlet for my thoughts, feelings, and passions; the most important of which, in relation to this blog, is writing—and more specifically fiction writing.

This was the main reason why there was no post released last week, and it has been a BIG eye opener for me.

Therefore, even though I plan on still formatting certain posts to be the best they an be, I’m no longer going to allow myself to be afraid of writing the occasional “every-now-and-then” and “in the moment” post like this one where I just sit down at my computer and unleash my creativity without the hindrances and inhibitions of formalities such as headings, hyperlinks, bullet points, SEO, etc.

It’s time to just be me again and enjoy writing for writing’s sake.  From what I gathered from the TED talks video above, Young-ha Kim, a professional writer himself, has just given me—and everyone else—permission to.

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Questions: What’s holding you back from releasing your inner artist? After watching the video above, how has it helped you to overcome these obstacles?

Leave a comment below and tell us all about it. 

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