5 Tips for Finding The Perfect Writing Spot

Have you ever thought about what would be the perfect writing spot? (Note: if you're not a writer, then maybe the perfect thinking spot, reading spot, etc.)

In this freewriting session, I've decided to reflect on the most recent writing spot I've found and some ideas for finding the perfect writing spot.

What's Your Favorite Writing Spot?

My MacBook Air and the perfect writing spot...who could ask for more?


My Perfect Writing Spots

Earlier today while driving around trying to decide where I would go to write, I felt pulled toward my local library. This isn't usually the place I go to write. My usual locations include:

  • ​Local parks
  • Coffee Shops
  • Restaurants with wifi
  • Bookstores
  • Outside on my new back porch swing
New Porch Swing

Who wouldn't want to write here?

But for some reason, today I just had to try out my local library. I don't know why I've always been hesitant to write at the library.

Maybe it's because I figure I'll be too preoccupied with browsing the shelves in search of the next great book to check out instead of focusing on my writing (a.k.a. procrastination). The same goes for writing in bookstores.

Regardless, being at the library today while writing this very blog post has been a great change of atmosphere; and speaking of which, here's my first requirement for a perfect writing spot...

Requirement #1: Atmosphere

One of the ​main elements I look for in a perfect writing spot has to be the atmosphere.

Whenever there is crowd noise—and actual, real-live people—it always seems to keep me focused on the task at hand.

But now with the Internet, location is no longer a problem since there are apps like Coffitivity for when you want to take the crowd noise along with you.

Requirement #2: Coffee

Coffee Leaf

Taken at Perk Up Espresso in Cookeville, TN

Also listed above are coffee shops. In my little world, the availability of ​coffee is another element for the perfect writing spot.

Obviously, some of the other places I mentioned above don't have the luxury of a good cup of mochaccino, but it doesn't hurt to relax with your favorite beverage while simultaneously attempting to "feed the muse," especially when it's a gorgeous piece of art itself.


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Requirement #3: Nature

Next up in my prerequisites ​of the perfect writing spot is some element(s) of nature.  The window which I'm currently sitting in front of in the library affords a wonderful view—yet another great prerequisite—of Dogwood Park, which is adjacent to the library.

Take a look again for yourself:

What's Your Favorite Writing Spot?

Ahhh, writing sanity.

​Isn't that lovely? I think it is. For me, if I can at least see the beauty of God's creation around me, it helps put me in the perfect creative state; as I believe it will for you as well—be it writing, painting, playing music, or whatever you're inclined to do.

Even better: when you can actually get outside and interact with nature, instead of merely viewing it from a window. (However, immediately to the left of the above image, out of the frame, is a shelf lined with books; in other words, I'm getting the best of both worlds!)​

This is why I love local parks so much. Not only do they afford the luxury of fresh air, beautiful foliage, and pseudo-crowd noise via wildlife sounds (chirping birds, barking squirrels, etc.)​; but they're so diverse in scenery and—that all-important previous requirement for the perfect writing spot—atmosphere.

You simply can't go wrong with claiming a local park as your perfect writing spot! (Well, maybe if it's raining, that is.)

Requirement #4: Nostalgia

This may indeed be one of the weirdest requirements for choosing a perfect writing spot—and you're more than welcome to disregard it if you want—but it's one that's very important to me, especially as the years go by quicker and the memories of yesteryear grow more distant: a sense of nostalgia.


A wistful desire to return in thought or in fact to a former time in one's life, to one's home or homeland, or to one's family and friends; a sentimental yearning for the happiness of a former place or time: a nostalgia for his college days.

Origin: Greek. 1770-80; < New Latin < Greek nóst (os) a return home + -algia -algia

Courtesy Dictionary.com

For me specifically, I remember sitting at home on the front porch swing writing various songs, poems, and journal entries.

I haven't had the wonderful fortune of having my own porch swing in years...that is until now:

Porch Swing at Lowes

At only $98, this beauty was a steal!

​My wife and I were so excited to see this beauty on sale at Lowe's last month. At only $98+tax, it was a steal for us. It may seem like a lot, but you can't put a price on reliving some of the best memories you've ever had.

Requirement #5: Versatility

The great thing about these requirements in finding the perfect writing spot is that they're so versatile; you ​don't have to have them all at the same time.

I can be perfectly happy enjoying a cool breeze from nature without the need of my caffeine ​fix. There will always be coffee later. (I know some of you just gasped in shock, but it's the truth!)

Or, I can be content surrounded by shelves upon shelves of books—if I had a 6th requirement, it would be books, and lots of them—which usually comes with crowd noise to boot, all the while sacrificing a bit of nature's beauties.

"You can't put a price on reliving some of the best memories you've ever had." Eric Beaty

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I can even settle for a ​relaxing, leisurely swing out on the back porch, with the great view of our backyard, while enjoying my own cup of homemade mochaccino...but really, who can call that settling?

Best of all, you may not have the same requirements/prerequisites as mine. But you are perfectly free to choose your own perfect writing spot based on your quirks, personality, and peace of mind.

Each one of us is unique and, as such, we all have unique requirements for a fulfilling writing, reading, etc., life. Talk about versatility!

A Writing Spot Surprise

Whatever your personal preferences, I hope these tips have helped you discover what you're really looking for when searching for the perfect writing spot.

For me, it never hurts when you actually do end up checking out a good book—or two—as a result of having tried a new writing spot...just like I ended up doing after all:

Library Books (Writing)

I just couldn't resist 🙂

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