SMART FOCUS Book 1 Pre-Launch!

The moment I've been waiting for is nearly here. The first book of the three-book series I've been working on for over a year, SMART FOCUS Book 1: How to Stay S.M.A.R.T. and Achieve Your Most Important Goals One Step at a Time, is now just a couple weeks away from launch!


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The SMART FOCUS Journey Begins

While it’s been a long journey from start to finish, I can say that the writing process for the first book in The SMART FOCUS System has been an invaluable learning experience. When I first began writing the book earlier this year (the idea for which was actually spawned from a previous blog post I mention within the book), I had no clue that I would have so many things to say about setting and achieving goals.

Throughout the many posts I’ve written for this blog, there have been no lack of strategies and techniques to discuss. And while I’ve created a wealth of information on goal setting here, my own personal journey of success via the use of my SMART Goals sheets (expounded on in greater detail in the book) is what continued to tug at my subconscious, compelling me to write about the priceless experiences I’ve had as a result of using them, all the while knowing there was something special in their application.

The Invaluable Education of Experience

Fast forwarding to today, I can see how much I’ve truly learned from the entire writing, revising, book publishing process. In the nine months I’ve been seriously working on this project—I’ve suddenly realized that’s the length of a typical birth cycle, and, in a way, I guess this book is my newest baby—I’ve done countless hours of research for SMART FOCUS Book 1, such as:

  • Working within Scrivener for all my writing, revising, and publishing needs
  • Learning how Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP, Digital eBook) and CreateSpace (Print Paperback) platforms work
  • Interviewing various editors and finally settling on one who truly gets my writing style and knows his way around the English language; not to mention the fact he’s in the armed forces, so he has a tremendous work ethic
  • Studying various Udemy courses for Scrivener, KDP, and even effective Storytelling

Had I not committed the time and attention such efforts required, I may never have arrived at the point where I am today. Now, within two short weeks I plan on launching the first book in The SMART FOCUS System, and it’s all because of the principles I initially set forth to convey in this series.

Everything I’ve written about in SMART FOCUS Book 1, all the strategies, tips, and techniques, have served to get me to this milestone in my career. Without disciplining myself to adhere to the principles I mention in the book, I’m convinced I would never be able to call myself a published author and a genuine, bonafide writer today.


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Moving Toward the Future

As of this writing, I've previewed both the Digital eBook and Paperback versions of the book. In fact, only minutes ago, I ordered a physical proof copy of SMART FOCUS Book 1: How to Stay S.M.A.R.T. and Achieve Your Most Important Goals One Step at a Time, which is to be delivered to my mailbox within a few days (hopefully before my planned launch date of December 4th, 2016).

Now all that's left to do is...wait.

That's the hardest part. Sure, there will be promoting to do—and plenty of marketing research—but in the meantime, both the KDP and CreateSpace projects are sitting idle in the system waiting for me to hit "Publish," which, I've read, should only be done within three or four days of launch. I'm new to all this, but the good news is, as I've already mentioned, the more experience I gain from the publishing process, the quicker and easier it will become with each successive book I write and publish.

The more experience I gain from publishing, the quicker and easier it will become with each successive book.

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Just the thought of seeing multiple published works of my own excites me enough to serve as the motivation to keep going no matter what. I know it will be worth all the effort expended just to hold my own books in my hands, the first of which I can't wait to arrive, even if it is only a proof copy. (It's proof all right; proof that I'm an author!)

Stories, Stories, and More Stories

What lies ahead for me? More books, most definitely. But not just more books. Books are worthless without words, after all. More stories, then; yes, more stories. More stories to get lost in, to feel connected with and emotionally bonded to. More stories to reel myself into their world as I write them—and to reel readers in right along with me.

Why, there are a few percolating in my mind now, even as I write this. I feel them anxious to come out and play.



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Proof by Eric Beaty Short Story Cover
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