Need a Planner that Fits Your Passions for 2015?

The New Planner for Your Passions

Looking for a new planner that will help you achieve your goals and pursue your passions for 2015? Me too! Well, actually, I’ve already purchased a new planner for next year, but I just came across a great new planner that I just absolutely have to try.  But I need your help to get one of my own.

I’m planning (no pun intended) on doing a blog post soon about the planner I originally ordered, comparing it to last year’s planner, but wouldn’t it be even better if I had a third option to join the panel? Here’s how you can get your very own Passion Planner…and help me get one, too!

For a limited time, the folks at Passion Planner are giving away FREE planners to anyone who refers just three of their friends, family, or followers!  Usually, referrals seems “salesy,” but when it’s something that will truly help someone, I’m all for referring them to the tools that will get the job done.

Here’s How To Get Your FREE Passion Planner:

Whenever the person you refer decides to purchase a Passion Planner and lists you as their reference during checkout by submitting your email address as proof, Passion Planner will send you an email asking where you’d like your FREE planner to be shipped!

Update: Nov. 2, 2016: They’re not bluffing, either. I just won a FREE Passion Planner, and here’s the proof:


So if you’d like to help me get a free Passion Planner so I can try it out and review it for everyone, and you’d rather go ahead and purchase one of your own instead of referring others, simply list me as a reference during checkout by submitting my email address:

If, however, you’d like to know more about getting your very own free Passion Planner, click here to find out more about their referral plan.

Lastly, if you’ve never really used a planner to help you with your goals and passions, check out my most recent blog post where I discuss 5 Proven Tips I’ve Learned for Effective Goal Setting in 2014.

Check out these screenshots of the Passion Planner:

Note: For a better view of my Passion Planner after having used it for several months, check out this article.

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