Unique Adventures In The Death-Defying World of Fiction Taming

Okay, maybe not quite “death-defying”—but it will sometimes feel like it, at least to me.

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Insight Into An Author’s Mind

Get an inside look into my thought processes as I diligently work to “tame” my fiction.

Fiction can be an unruly beast (at least in my experience) and as such, I’m wholly willing to share the journey of whipping it into shape in front of my readers.

With each “edition” of The Fiction Tamer, you’ll get insights from sections like “The Coffee Shot," “The Bookshelf,” and more as I grow my newsletter into a thriving community of like-minded fiction lovers. And speaking of growing…

Watch Me Grow As A Writer

It’s kind of like “Big Brother”—if writers were involved. 

I've published four nonfiction books since beginning my “official” writing career back in 2015. However, although I’m more adept at sharing my experiences and expertise via nonfiction (blog posts, journaling), I’ve wanted to get my fiction career up and running for years.

As I share my goals, dreams, disappointments, and writer angst, you'll be able to watch me develop as a writer by seeing my writing develop in real-time.

Unique Writing Tips—From A Writer

Even if I avoid writing sometimes. (Hey, what writer doesn’t?)

I’m seriously considering including a special section for readers who are thinking about starting their own writing career (or hobby, if that’s your jam).

If you’d like to see me incorporate various writing resources into my newsletter, feel free to let me know by replying to any email you receive from The Fiction Tamer.

Although I don’t want it to become solely a resource for writers, I expect it to at least host a treasure trove of information for writers should they need it.

Insider Content Not Available Anywhere Else

Content exclusive to The Fiction Tamer—and nowhere else!

My vision for this newsletter is sort of like the “DVD extras” of my writing. (You remember DVDs, don’t you?) A place where, once you’ve read my books, stories, and other works of fiction, you can come "backstage" for the "after-party" (strictly BYOC—Bring Your Own Coffee).

What this means is The Fiction Tamer will be the only place to get such an insider VIP experience. Not on my Substack, not on my blog, not anywhere else—just here, inside The Fiction Tamer.

If all this sounds like something you’d like to belong to, keep scrolling.

About Eric Beaty

Eric Beaty has authored many books, stories, poems, essays, blog posts, and more. The basis for much of Eric’s writing comes from a great many notebooks and journals that he fills with his experiences, ideas, and stories.

Eric has also participated in—and thrice won—the popular writing competition National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) in the years 2009, 2015, and 2018. He was also a shortlist winner for the "Art of the Title" competition hosted by the Self-Publishing Advice Conference (SelfPubCon) in 2023.

Originally from Monterey, Tennessee, Eric now lives with his wife, Melissa, and their son, DJ, in the ever-growing city of Crossville, Tennessee. He is currently at work on yet another one of his many creative projects.

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