Eric Beaty

Melodic Leads.
Dynamic Fills.
Tight Rhythms.

Radio-Ready Mixes.

Hire me to make your next music project the best it can be with my guitar and/or mixing services.

My Services

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Acoustic Guitar

Snappy Bluegrass/acoustic breaks, classy rhythm parts, dynamic fills

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Electric Guitar

Searing and soulful solos, tight guitar rhythms, creative melodies


Punchy mixes, fast turnaround times, stems and project files included

Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.

Victor Hugo


Hey Eric! I was happy with your solo from the first day! Great to be working with you. All of my friends loved it a lot, hopefully we will be making more tracks soon!

RMZ, DJ/Producer

Scroll to 2:38 and 4:15 below to hear my solo for RMZ

Who My Services Are For

Independent Artists

Always wanted to create your own music but don't want the immense learning curve of mixing? Leave the mixing to me.


Looking for a special guest solo? Have a great band but don't have a lead guitarist? Contact me today.


Maybe you can produce but can't write or play your own guitar parts? No problem. I'll be your session guitarist.

Contact me for details and

let's get started today!

Prize-Winning Solo

How the process works

Simply select the project below that best represents your needs. We will stay in touch via SoundBetter, a trusted third-party service that hosts all project data and communications. SoundBetter contains more details about my services and terms as well.

You will be asked to fund the project in advance so I can begin work on it. We can then send the necessary audio/project files back and forth. Allow for the designated turnaround time. Once you're satisfied, SoundBetter will release the funds to me, and you'll have what you need to take the next steps in releasing your music to your fanbase.

Example video of my soloing skills

Why my services are the best

  • 1
    Professional Quality and Service
  • 2
    25+ Years of Combined Experience
  • 3
    All the Tones You Need for Epic Solos
  • 4
    Eager to Work with New Clientele

Hi, I’m Eric

Eric Beaty began his entrepreneurial career as a well-known guitar instructor and performing artist among the Bluegrass guitar circuit. He has created and authored several guitar instructional courses and companion books over several years. Since 2007, Eric has uploaded 700+ videos on his ever-growing YouTube channel of over 16,000 subscribers, mainly focusing on the topic of guitar skills development.

After many years as a private guitar instructor, Eric reevaluated his career and has turned his attention to pursuing creating music full time—more specifically as a session guitarist and mixing engineer. He has several projects of his own and is constantly at work perfecting his crafts of guitar virtuosity and mixing prowess.

Originally from Monterey, TN, Eric now lives with his wife, Melissa, in the ever-growing city of Crossville, TN.



Lead, Rhythm, Fills

Price listed below is for all three services.

Price is lower for individual services.




Lead, Rhythm, Fills

Price listed below is for all three services.

Price is lower for individual services.




Per song, 20 Tracks or less

Editing & Vocal Tuning will cost extra.

Two revisions max.



Ready to get started?

Contact me now and we'll get to work on making your song great!

Eric Beaty

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