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SMART FOCUS (Book 2): How to Use F.O.C.U.S. to Achieve Your Most Important Goals Amidst the Clutter.

This second book in the SMART FOCUS series will show you how to reclaim your focus, even amidst the clutter of life's many distractions!
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Here are just a few of the resources included in SMART FOCUS Book 2:
  • F.O.C.U.S. Goals Template: The new and improved FOCUS Goals Template will help you decide which goals have the most positive impact on your life and will give you a way to stay on track, thus maximizing your results.
  • Overcome Your Fears: Fear is a big obstacle that stands between you and your goals. In this book, I'll show you the strategies and techniques to give you the courage you need to overcome common fears that hold you back from success.
  • Conquer Distractions: By clutter, I mean the common, everyday distractions that plague our lives. My book will help you take a more proactive approach to mindless notifications and focus on what really matters most: finally achieving your goals!


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Now Available!

Who is Eric Beaty, anyway?

Eric Beaty, Authorpreneur

In addition to his love of playing and teaching guitar, bestselling Amazon author Eric Beaty enjoys writing and considers it to be one of his main passions.

Since publishing his first book in the nonfiction series SMART FOCUS, Eric has enjoyed learning about the writing process and continues to seek opportunities to improve his craft. Eagerly awaiting the soon completion of the series, Eric looks forward to his next writing project, which will focus more on fiction.

Eric currently lives with his wife, Melissa, in the state of Tennessee and is hard at work writing his next book—and, of course, achieving his many goals. In July 2017, Eric's first book in the series, 

SMART FOCUS Book 1: How to Stay S.M.A.R.T. and Achieve Your Most Important Goals One Step at a Timereached bestseller status in its category on Amazon.